Dear Colleagues,

The 8th edition of our biannual National Lung Cancer Conference will be held in Bodrum at Hilton Türkbükü Otel between 4-7 October 2018.

The Conference, which will be organized by TAKD and TGCD, will feature rich scientific and social contents with a wide range of multidisciplinary participation.

With the contributions of scientists from various countries whose presence will bring joy, the scientific  organization will include discussions on thoracic pathologies taking lung cancer in primary focus.

The conference will mainly concentrate on “administration of new diagnosis and treatment methods on patients in the best way possible”.

Treatment in lung cancer starts with taking precautions. Subjects to be discussed will include the importance of preventive medicine, scanning programs, communication with patients and approaches to cancer patients with examples.

We are planning to present up-to-date information through all kinds of sessions and presentation techniques along with interactive sessions in which participants will actively contribute. By including and presenting chosen statements in sessions, we aim to increase the scientific and attention level of the conference.

We invite and look forward to the attendance of doctors from all branches closely involved with lung cancer which is one of the most important problems of our time in a global scale.

We will be pleased to have you with us during the qualified and rich scientific schedule together with a fine and connecting social program.

We hope to see you on 4-7 October 2018 in Bodrum.

Best Regards


Dr. Ilgaz Doğusoy
Dr. Levent Elbeyli
Dr. Nil Molinas Mandel
Congress Scientific Committee Chair
Dr. Özgür Samancılar
Congress Secretary
Dr. Burçin Çelik
Congress Secretary